Star Dust. Secrets of how to use glitter in makeup

Star Dust

Secrets of how to use glitter in makeup

Several years ago I was working as a salon manager in a beauty salon. The place itself demanded me to look attractive, neat and tidy and to use pretty, bright, makeup. Once I was running late and decided not to do a full eye makeup but just to apply bright pink glitter on my eyelids. In that shift I got more compliments than I would normally get over several months! After that all the girls started to realise that they should get their glitter out and start using it. Because it is simple and looks amazing.

I think many of you will share my passion for glitter. Maybe a lot of you think that they are not fashionable any more and look funny. In my opinion glitter is a classic. The main things are: right time, right amount and right placement. And trust me, people will not be able take their eyes off you.

You may have noticed that glitter is present in almost everything – eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, powder, pencils, eyeliner and even mascara. They exist not only as a cosmetic compound, but loose glitter, also called mica if they are very finely ground, looks like a glittery mineral. This is why, in the past, they had their place in the beauty industry for such a long time.

So how to understand all this glitter, shimmer and frosts? What, where and how much? I would like to share my professional secrets of how to use makeup with glitter.

The main rule of balance and harmony.

Eye Shadow

If you are going to use multiple colours in your eye makeup, it is better for all of them to be a matt finish. You can use glitter together with eyeshadow or just use the glitter by itself to put in accents. It is used more commonly on the most prominent parts of the eye – under the brow, middle of the lid and sometimes inner corner of the eye.

A lot of my clients buy glitter, just because they like it. But because of the lack of knowledge of how to use it, the glitter just simply gets forgotten and ends up getting lost in the bottom of the makeup bag. Here are some tips of how to use glitter without spending a fortune. Of course you can buy a special glue or glitters base if you wish. You can apply glue directly on the lid or on the shadows, which you applied earlier. But you can substitute the special glue with a simple face cream. Just apply a little bit, a thin layer with a small soft brush. You can also apply glitter on top of the cream eye shadows. And it's not necessary that the color of shadow and glitter will be the same. If in your makeup arsenal you have some eye shadows base, boldly use it as a base for glitter.

Some ladies avoid glitter because it's hard to get it off. The answer is – no, it's easy – just use a two part oil based makeup remover. The emulsion consists of two layers, shake well before use. Dip your cotton ball in the emulsion and put it on the eye. Hold it on for 30 seconds, making light circular motions, not pressing hard on the lid. Another method which may sound very strange, but if you have your glitter applied in very thick layer, this is exactly what you need. Take some paper based sticky tape such as masking tape. Don't use scotch tape and other types of tape. Only paper based tape is suitable for this method. Take a small piece of tape and apply it lightly, directly on top of the glitter. You will be surprised how easy it will come off.


If you have shimmer powder in your kit be very careful. If the powder has a bronzy colour, most likely this is a bronzer, a powder which makes you look tan. It's better to use it for contouring. If you apply it all over the face it will create an effect of unwanted artificial tan. And most likely the colour will be totally different than the colour of your neck and décolleté. If it's a pearl powder, it is probably a highlighter. This is a product that we use to highlight most prominent parts of the face – top of the cheekbones, chin, centre of the forehead and top of the top lip. This product will give your face an attractive healthy glow if used like this. But if you apply it all over the face, it will make you look sick and pale. Also if you apply this product on blemishes it will highlight the problem area and attract more attention to it.

Before applying makeup, think first about what products do you want to apply and will they look good together. Even if by themselves they all look amazing. This means, follow the balance rule. When applying glitter on the eyes make sure that your blush and lipstick are a matt finish. Or alternately try matt finish eyeshadow and shimmery bronzer. So that is the principle of balance and harmony – if you highlight one area, you need to subdue the other area.

Don't be afraid to experiment. And expect to get compliments from people.

Good luck.

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