Instruments of Beauty

Instruments of Beauty

Everything you will need for makeup and the main 10 makeup brushes, which every girl should have.

So what should every makeup lover have in their kit? Even if you are a professional, a beginner or amateur – all these little things will help you in the creation of your beauty images. Working in a studio, on a location or making video tutorials, I always have a small clean towel with me. Why? When I start work I start with preparing and disinfecting my makeup brushes. It would be silly to put them on the table after that. Especially if the history of the table surface is unknown. Don't forget – clean brushes are the way to keep your skin clean and healthy. Some makeup artists use paper towels. These are also very useful. But I prefer cotton towels because they do not slide, they seem more absorbent and you may also uses the sides and corners to clean your brush. If you have several clients per day, prepare the same quantity of towels for each client. If you are doing makeup at home for yourself it would be nice to have two towels matching your decor. Two — because you will be using one, while the other is in the laundry.

Let's begin with the obvious things, so as not to forget anything:

  • Cotton buds
  • Tweezers
  • Eyelash curler
  • Scissors – sometimes you need them to cut eyebrows, or make eyelash extensions shorter if desired
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Makeup remover – liquid or cream

Because there are many makeup brushes on the market, it is really hard to choose the right one. Many of us buy a set of makeup brushes, hoping that there is everything we need in it. But if you want to create your own set, or complete an existing one – here is a list of the most essential brushes that, in my opinion, you will need. But of course before buying a set make sure that it will have most of the brushes you will need. This way you will avoid extra expense.

Eye Brushes

1.Flat, stiff brush. It is very comfortable to apply shadows on the lid using this brush. When you apply with this brush you are actually packing the shadow not dragging it. This is the way to keep colour more intense.

2. Short flat brush. It looks like the previous one, but it is shorter and therefore stiffer as a result. It's comfy to apply shadows in the inner corner and under the lower lash line, using this brush. You can also apply shadows on the lid using this brush if you have smaller eyes. This brush is aptly named – kitty tongue!

3.Small stiff brush. This is a very important brush. It is multipurpose. Because of the size you can do very precise applications and smudging. It is a must have brush for "smoky eyes makeup" especially if you use a pencil as a base. You may also use it for gel liner.

4.Soft dome brush. If you are going to do a lot of blending you will need to have a soft dome brush. It is easy to use for blending in the crease and under the brow. Using this brush you will never have harsh lines.

5. Small dome brush with pointed end. Use this brush during blending one color into another and also to blend a pencil.

6.Soft flat brush. Use it to put eye shadows all over the lid, and to apply glitters.

Face brushes

7.Round foundation brush. This is a relatively new brush. It is perfect for flawless cover. Making an airbrush effect. First apply foundation on the skin and then doing stippling motions, blend it.

8. Powder, countering and blush brush. Probably the most popular brush. Of course you may have 3 separate brushes for each purpose. But you can use just one brush for countering and blush by just squeezing it on the sides. This way it becomes flat and easy to manipulate.

9. Flat foundation brush. One of my favorite brushes. Many of you may be asking which brush is better this or the round brush? And why I like this one as well as the round one? Which one is better? It depends on what kind of foundation you are using. The flat brush is more suitable for hard, creamy foundations. While the round one is more for liquid foundations. Useful tip – when using a flat foundation brush always use a sponge, blending the lines completely, especially on the hair line.

10. Brow brush. This is actually a very important brush. I suggest you use this brush every time during shaping and every time after applying pencil on the brow, so that all the hair will lie in one direction.

Well, now you know what to look for. Buying brushes is an investment. So you want to make sure you are getting all the right stuff. The correct makeup equipment is important and makes the applying of makeup more precise, professional and easy. Do not forget to keep your makeup place clean & tidy. Especially brushes and sponges. Good luck.

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