What is Honey Massage?

Honey Massage

Anti-Cellulite Honey Massage

This type of massage has been known since ancient times. Ancient inhabitants of Tibet used honey in massage treatments for fever, and pain in muscles and joints. The healing properties of honey were also appreciated in ancient Russia. Our ancestors used to apply honey after their bath with rubbing movements to their body so that the nutrients of the honey came through the opened pores of the skin.

In the modern sense, honey massage is still a method of healing the body and the treatment of certain diseases, as well as the excellent cosmetic procedure.

Honey massage to reduce cellulite

For those who want to lose weight, massaging with honey can help, together with maintaining the principles of good nutrition and performing aerobic exercise. This type of massage has a draining effect and helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. So honey massage can be used with full confidence for weight loss.

In order to get rid of excess fat, honey massage should be done on the abdomen and legs — the most problematic areas.

Anti-cellulite honey massage — the perfect tool that promotes weight loss, improve skin color and texture, and most importantly — get rid of cellulite.

A double cosmetic effect is achieved through a combination of honey and anti-cellulite massages. A special technique of getting rid of "orange peel" with the healing properties of honey make it possible to not only eliminate cellulite bumps, but also improve the elasticity of the skin, and also to make the contours of the body toned.

Massage with honey is effective for the treatment of osteochondrosis and radiculitis. Also, this massage helps to eliminate pain and enables the body to recover.

After a massage dead epithelium is easily removed, which is otherwise difficult to remove, giving acess to oxygen and light to the new young cells.

Biologically active substances in honey penetrate deep into the skin and affect the nerve receptors. They are related to the autonomic system and internal organs of the body so the results of honey massage trigger a chain of reflex responses. As a result, this improves blood flow to the skin, as well as the nutrition of the internal organs and tissues.

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