Different types of eyelash extensions. Classic. Russian volume. Meg volume.

With this photo we tried to show you the difference between the most popular eyelash extensions types.

We used 3 different photos, from 3 different clients. We tried to make it look like it's 1 eye with 3 different techniques on it, so you can clearly understand the difference.

From the left to the right:

1. Classic eyelash extensions. Thickness of the lashes from 0.2 to 0.1 — 0.09 mm. Length of the lashes — as desired. We extend 1 artificial lash on 1 natural lash.

2. Next, is so called Russian volume. For this type we use lashes with thickness of 0.09 — 0.05 and create fans from 2 up to 6 artificial lashes and put 1 fan on 1 natural lash.

3. For thick, dense, darkest but still lightweight lashes we do mega volume eyelashes. We use thinnest lashes in the world — 0.03 mm! We create fans from 6 and up to 15 or even 18 lashes, and put this fan on 1 natural lash.

The difference between Russian volume and mega volume is that with mega volume you get darker, fuller, more dense look. The lash line is invisible. Blackest black lashes for luxury, unforgettable look.

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