Ideal glare. Alignment of the nail plate.

Ideal glare. Alignment of the nail plate.

Alignment of the nail plate is not a new trend in the nail industry.

But not many people understand what does it actually means.

First of all we need alignment to create perfect finish. If you touch the nail you wouldn't feel any crooks and it will look perfect, with beautiful glares.

Next point is that alignment reinforces stresses zone of the nail, helping to avoid cracks and braking. It helps to grow your nails and simply make your nails stronger.

And the last, but not least, alignment will hide unevenness. Using alignment we can create correct architecture of the nail, masking trampolines and dimples.

At Pyrog Visage beauty salon, 56 Pring Street, Tarragindi, we do alignment FOR FREE. It is the part of gel polish application. We are not selling it as a separate treatment, since we like creating the perfection for each customer, each time.

Our talented nail artist Nadia have many years of industry experience. To book nails with Ideal glare contact us 0497869299

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