How positive thinking influence your appearance?

At Pyrog Visage beauty salon, 56 Pring Street, Tarragindi, we honestly care about what we do.

Trying to help our clients with improving their visage, their appearance, we often discuss topics, which at the first sight, have nothing to do with beauty therapy...

As many of you know, our visage, our image, is depending on 3 main components. This is how we think, how we move and how we eat. All these components are equally important. Each of them we often discuss at our salon during your beauty treatments.

If two of these components — how we eat and how we move, people usually count as something realistic, at least like something you can measure, while "how we think" leave, sort of, to let it on. But for people who on the daily basis, looking in the mirror, keep saying — "look at these wrinkles", "getting older each day", "oh no, new blemish", etc, it's hard. This ascertaining of attention on things which you don't like, and don't want in your life (face, body), you actually "ordering" them! Yes. You are placing an order each day to Universe (or God). You should understand, that your inquiry would be delivered. But for our Universe sign doesn't make any sense. If you keep saying — "I don't want blemishes" — our Universe can hear only — "blemishes, blemishes"..and your inquiry would be delivered.

To send "signals" and "orders" correctly, you should formulate them in positive way. For example: "My skin is in very good condition. Every day better and better. I look like I'm 21 years old. And all people surrounding me are very impressed with how I look." See, there's no negativity, only positive facts. Also, don't be afraid to set up high standards. To make all this come true, repeating of such affirmations would be very effective in combination with real action. You should agree, that you can not become an Olympic champion just sitting on your couch. You should move you legs towards your aim. For example: "I look great. Every day is better than yesterday. I eat pure, natural food. Practice in gym 3 times a week (or do yoga at home). I visit beauty salon for all my facial needs. And I really see results. Even my partner mention that I look better, younger. I can see it's working. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today!"

With love

Pyrog Visage

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