June is almost here!

Hello our beautifull people!

June is almost here, and we, as always, giving you June facial reminder. Since winter is officialy here, we prepared something special for you — now every treatment performed on beauty bed are accompanied by "cocun wrap" — we will put you in cozy warm (heated) beauty bed. If you are already visiting us for body treatments, you may come for your scheduled body shaping massage and then, after last step — body wrap — we will transfer you to the cocun bed for a facial.

Look forward with your life darling, and we will look after you!

We know that you are all busy people and you are planning your time well, so do we!

If you know that you are time poor and you need a good facial, please, book it as soon as you know when you will have 90 minutes to treat your skin.

To book, contact us on 0497869299

Reminding you that we have an amazing massage therapist at the salon. For those of you who have sitting jobs and feel that tension in shoulders and back, trust me, 30 minutes back massage with make you feel so much better, or again, if running late, just book 15 minutes neck and shoulders massage, after your facial, for that totl relaxation effect.

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