Anticellulite program “Body couture”

Anticellulite program “Body couture” 45 min

Anti-cellulite program “body couture” magically affects your body. After treatment not only you will want to show your couture outfits, but you will not be ashamed to show your body couture! For procedure you can choose one of 3 body zones, which known as mainly affected with cellulite – belly, hips or buttocks, to work with. You will see that the unique secret of formation of perfect image is not only the professional dressmaker, which will create perfect outfit to hide everything you want to hide, but also in the therapy, which in a short time, restores elasticity and gives a tight appearance of the area you have chosen.

Anti-cellulite program “body couture” restores metabolism, improves blood circulation, it is a great prevention of cellulite in the most sensitive areas. Already after the first session you will experience noticeable positive results. And what can we say about the results that you expect after the course of magical body couture (5 — 15 sessions): cellulite disappear, the body will find a natural harmony and beauty, firm body will become your pride, and finally the result of losing kilograms and centimetres.

Anti-cellulite program “body couture” includes the following:

- Gentle peeling of chosen zone with anticellulite scrub

- Vacuum anticellulite massage

- Algae wrap

- Moisturising the area with crème de contour

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