Acne problem

Acne problem

Acne Severity:

clogged/open Comedones (non inflammatory) — A

☹papules, pustules (non inflammatory) — B

modules and cysts (on back, decollete, shoulders) with a few infected lesions, acne (inflammatory) — C

severe acne: comedones, papules, pustules, infected blemishes, deeper cysts and sometimes post acne pigmentation spots and scars (inflammatory) — D.

WE CAN HELP! Please, tag friends who suffer from acne.

About Comidex — salon treatment:

Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne demage, oily and combination skin. Comodex treats acne conditions at the source with a holistic approach. Comodex salon and home treatments cleanse, calm, and rejuvenate skin for a clear and healthier complexion.

Minimum course of 3 treatments is recommended every week. In some cases up to 6 treatments every week. And then as a supporting treatment to home care — once a month.

Book your treatment and feel more confident!

For free consultation or to book call, text, viber or WhatsApp 0497869299

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