New Year makeup idea for fashionistas.

New Year makeup idea for fashionistas.

I'm sure you do have that useless loose glitter jar and you kind of like it and not throwing it away, but never uses it. So here is a little idea of how to make your lips look phenomenal this New Year using this glitter. So pull out all of your makeup goodies and let's do some makeup. First make sure you prime your lips with foundation. It will discolor your natural lip color, making the color more vibrant. Next put some lip gloss on your lips. I'm using NYX mega shine lip gloss (available at Pyrog Visage salon). Lip gloss we need for extra sticking effect. Next put some rich color lipstick. I'm using MAC. Time for glitter! Take a cotton swab and apply same lipstick to make it sticky for glitter. Deep it in. Be careful applying it on your lips. You don't want to finish up with all your face covered in glitter. So the trick is make your lips facing downward. So all extra excess glitter will fall down on the tissue/hand etc. When you applying glitter make sure that you press glitter on lips not wipe it. If you wipe, glitter will be covered with lipstick and will not sparkle.

Have fun my beautiful people!

Lots of Love. ❤

Send me some photo's of how you did your lips

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