​Home skincare routine for normal skin

Home skincare routine for normal skin.

Internet is full of information, useful and not so much.

Our clients are still confused when it comes to easy questions about home skincare routine. In this article, we will try to give you general idea about home skincare. As an example we will take skincare for normal skin type.

Every day: Wash your face with cleansing gel — twice a day — morning, after awakening, and evening, before going to bed. After you wash your face, use balancing toner, to balance your skin pH level. Good face toner is also very soothing and moisturizing. Apply a few drops of serum (serum is like a magic potion, which saturates your skin with all necessary components for rejuvenation and better complexion). You can choose from moisturizing serums to detoxing. Depending on your skin needs. I will do a separate post about serums, there's so much to say about them. Follow with application of moisturizing cream (day cream with spf, or night cream).

Once or twice a week: Our skin needs deeper cleaning and treatment than just a cleansing gel. Especially if salon care is not available on weekly basis. Check out our Face Care programs and prices to see how affordable it can be! For deeper cleansing you will need something like home care face peel (percentage of acid will be around 5-7%). It will exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing oxygen flow to the new cells for faster renewal. You can also get a peeling soap or gommage. Face masks should be used once or twice a week. You can apply it straight after peel or in other days. Remember! always to lay down when you having your mask on. Masks are very heavy substances, if you will vacuum or mop the floor with your mask on — you risk to get more wrinkles. Gravity will drag your mask down, together withyour skin.

Salon treatments for normal skin: If you have some blocked pores — on your nose, chin or cheeks, it's essential to have them removed every 3 months. You can come for our all ages anti aging facial every month. And if you have time for supporting treatments you should visit us every week.

Please note, that this is just an example and more of a guide for you to have general understanding. You are very welcome to come for free consultation, during which I will study your skin, and we will discuss your existing skincare routine, lifestyle, problems and ways of solving this problems. Each person is very different and individual. That's why personal consultation is so important. Otherwise you will just keep spending money on expensive, and may be very good products, but not good for your skin.

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