How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

A little bit of scientific info for owners of velvet eyelashes

It is always essential to do a little research before you do something for the first time. Even if you already have had your eyelashes extended before, you always looking for better results for your money. So here is a little information, to increase your knowledge about eyelash extensions. This information may help you with your eyelash extensions, or will help you to choose better professional.

Let’s talk about eyelash glue. This is one of the most important things in procedure, because glue make your lashes last long, not irritate your eyes.

Good professional will use glue of new generations, which need only 1-2 seconds to dry. Although the initial setting of adhesive takes place within a few seconds, a few hours is required for reliable adhesive bond. During this time, the formation of cross-linking takes place. What does it mean? If, for example, you were released after treatment under the scorching summer sun, or the first night went to the sauna, there is no guarantee that your eyelash extensions will stay.

How does glue for eyelash extensions works?

Polymerization of the glue usually occurs in contact with weakly alkaline surfaces. Typically, ambient humidity (in air and on bonding surfaces) is sufficient for the polymerization process and the bonding strength occurs in a few seconds. Best results are achieved at a relative humidity of 40% to 60% at room temperature. Lower moisture increases the cure time, higher moisture accelerates the process, but can affect the final strength of the gluing.

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