Eyelash Perm

Eyelash perm is an alternative procedure to eyelash extensions. If you have naturally long and full lashes, or you just simply enjoy using mascara, but your lashes are straight, eyelash perm is a unique solution which will create an amazing curl in your lash line.

eyelash perm

For procedure we use quality materials. Collagen which is one of the key ingredients of perm, is not only curl your lashes, but also make them stronger and healthier. This procedure also includes eyelash tint, which will improve the look, resulting in an amazing looking, impressive eyelashes.

Allow 60 minutes for this treatment. It is a relaxing procedure. If you are busy mother or business woman, and you dont have a lot of time for your beauty treatments, you may improve eyelash perm with other beauty procedures, such as: face massage, face mask, eyebrow tint, face peel etc.

Gift Certificates are available. So eyelash perm may become a nice present.

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