Mistakes in the winter skincare – answering your questions

Mistakes in the winter skincare – answering your questions

Let’s begin with answer on simple question – does our skin type changes in winter?

1. Yes, it changes, as always

2. Oily skin becomes combination skin, and combination becomes dry skin

3. Skin type doesn’t change, but skin becomes dry in winter

So, what will be your answer?

The right answer is that our skin doesn’t change its type during life, it’s just becomes dry in winter.

To help our skin look younger longer, we need to slightly change our winter skin care. What does it mean? It means that in winter it is better to use rich face cream, and depending on skin type you may also change face wash on softer one. Also, we can add some nourishing and moisturizing face masks and serums. It is better to use masks 2-3 times a week, and serums – as usual – short courses.

How to choose winter face cream?

Pay attention to ingredients. In your winter skin cream you want to have components such as Shea butter or avocado oil. They form protective film on skin surface and prevent it from excessive moisture loss. Mineral oil provides good short-term results, but eventually leads to skin dryness and dehydration. The use of oil instead of cream, too, contributes to the dryness of the skin.

In the summer it is recommended to apply day cream not later than 20-30 minutes, in the winter it should be applied no later than 40-60 minutes before you go outdoors. Otherwise, if you regularly go out in the cold with a wet face it will lead to skin dehydration.

Popular question: do we need SPF in winter creams?

Too much sun causes premature aging of the skin. However, lack of ultraviolet — is also bad because it slows down synthesis of vitamin D, decreased synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in dryness and sagging skin. Therefore, in the winter month’s skin cream with low SPF will be more than enough. But don’t forget that high SPF protection in need after aggressive salon treatments.

Autumn and winter — it is a perfect time for salon procedures such as: face massages, peels, facials etc. Although massage can be done year-round, massage is especially important in winter because it improves blood circulation and, consequently, skin nourishment.

For more information you can contact our team or book winter procedures, or purchase professional winter home use products, and look flawless.

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