Corrective peels. Basics you need to know.

Corrective peels. Basics you need to know.

Procedure: acid facial peels are absolutely painless and require no recovery!

Gradual renewal of the skin after peel gives excellent visible results: smoothed wrinkles, shrinking of enlarged pores, lighten age spots, skin is evened, and it becomes smooth, supple, radiant and hydrated. Face peeling – is a great procedure to improve the structure of the skin, rejuvenating solutions to aesthetic problems.

Complex facial peeling Comodex 3 Alpha Beta Peel. (Tm Christina)

The complex of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, malic and salicylic acid). Superficial facial peels helps eliminate keratinized upper layer of the epidermis skin cells. Our skin has the ability to purify itself, but the increased influence of negative external factors significantly impedes the natural process. Superficial peeling is designed to provide additional effective cleansing. Skin cells start to breathe easier, dead skin particles and various contaminants are eliminated. As a result, improving of skin condition and appearance.

Indication to the procedure:

fading skin;



prevention of aging and small wrinkles mesh;

seborrhoea skin;


syndrome of "ingrown hair";

Contraindications to the procedure:

temperature (fever);

violation of the integrity of skin;

active inflammatory process in the skin;

herpes in the active phase;

severe somatic diseases;

pregnancy and lactation;


prolonged exposure to the sun.

Best time for peels: the autumn-winter-spring period, during the inactive solar radiation.

The effect of peeling:

Stimulation of skin cell renewal.

Alignment of the skin surface and narrowing of pores on the face.

Minimization of age spots and wrinkles.

Better complexion and skin refreshment.

Skin looks radiant, smooth and perfectly cleaned.

Duration of treatment: 30-45 min. Recommended course of 6-10 procedures, 1 time per week. And as a supporting care – once in 3-4 weeks.

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